DEMO: Introducing the Gutenberg Interactive Fiction Engine

I’ve been working on creating support for interactive fiction in WordPress — here then is a first test of the Gutenberg Interactive Fiction Engine. Note: The story has not been developed and is here for demonstrative purposes.

You can find info on how to download and use the engine, as well as access the code, here.

Am currently working on cleaning up the code and devising next steps for this. Would love to hear any feedback or thoughts! The code is also open source; would love to get ideas and help in developing it further.


We were walking along a path, and eventually came to a crossroads. One path led deeper into the forest, the other towards a town, and the last into a clearing.

You keep walking and it continues getting darker. You get the sense that maybe you should turn back.

Eventually, you find a nice spot to settle down for the night. You lie down and close your eyes. Sweet dreams!


    You turn around and find yourself face-to-face with a bear! Uh-oh.


      Gradually the trees give way to a town. The people there are nice. There’s a big tree in the center of town with a plaque on it that reads ominously:

      There’s nowhere you can run

      Do you…

      You devise your escape plan. That evening, you sneak onto a horse-drawn carriage meant to move supplies between the towns. You live to fight another day.

      THE END

        That evening, you decide to crash at the Raycart Hotel in the center of town. While trying to sleep, you notice a mysterious white figure emerge from the shadows of the room.

        It will be good to become one of the haunted spirits of this place. You feel yourself becoming translucent as the figure leads you into the depths of the hotel.

        THE END

          You approach the clearing, and find some flowers by the way.

          You pick the flowers, cut yourself on a thorn, and feel yourself drifting into a euphoric sleep…

          THE END

            You move on. Eventually, you come out of the woods and find a golden path leading into the countryside. Your journey continues; who knows what fortune may bring?

            THE END

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