Reflecting on katydids and a quick electronic literature prototype

Many years ago, one of the reasons I started exploring electronic literature was for the spontaneity of it, being able to create disparate elements and put them together into something coherent.

These days, I’ve started remembering that.

To advance through the piece below, swipe up or use the mouse to click and drag on desktop. You can also use the keyboard up and down directional buttons.

I was in a creative mood, and I wrote a few lines, then picked up my guitar and plucked some strings, which I recorded using my iPhone.

As I was editing the audio, I recognized the sound of the katydids in the background.

I’d recently finished talking to a friend on the phone about how distinct the sound of the katydids was; I went outside to record the sound, and also took a picture of the trees.

I also made a quick sketch, then combined all of these elements into the short test above.

I’m not sure if I’ll take it any further. I already feel so full though. I love being able to just hop from one medium to the next, letting creativity lead.

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