An electronic literature studio

I thought today that I’d like to have an electronic literature studio. As in, a physical place with an ideal setup for creating multimedia electronic literature.

My studio would have a desk for drawing, with a large drawing tablet. It would have a musical keyboard, and a synthesizer, hooked up to an audio interface. It would have a laptop with an external monitor.

Those are the essentials. It might also have a place for shooting photos, with a tripod and good lighting.

I suppose that’s not a lot. And I’ve been already sketching some ideas and getting inspiration to start trying things again, even without this studio as it is in my imagination. I have access to all of these things separately. The idea of being able to flip back and forth between mediums during the act of creation is exciting to me though.

In particular, I think the musical aspect is an important component of this. Am going to keep thinking about it.

Overall It’s been hard to find the joy in creating this stuff recently though. I’m slowly starting to come out of that. Part of the struggle is fear. Part of it is time. Part of it is feeling overwhelmed.

I feel like I don’t quite have the skillset on my own to create the sorts of experiences I’d like. When it comes to illustrating, I’m fumbling around in the dark. To get good at illustration would take a long time.

I’ve also been searching for a full time job. With any luck, one job in particular may shape up soon. Already I’m starting to breathe easier and find the joy in being able to think and imagine unhindered. Am breathing slowly, trying to move through life as if guided by a gentle wind.

Here’s a sketch of something I’d been thinking about. Playing around:

And another:

What is creation? What can we create? What are words, what is inspiration?

Am trying to respond and become the questions as they arise, and to feel the connection to what could be in every step, every moment.

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